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Even if you don't see your specific needs on our list of services, please feel free to reach out. Government Contracting covers a wide range, and we'd love to see if we (or a trusted partner) can help you.

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Additional Services

From Market Entry support to Mergers, our team can help with a wide range of additional services.

Certified Cost or Pricing/Truthful Cost or Pricing (TINA) Support

RKI can help guide you through the process of certifying cost or pricing to the government during your contract proposal negotiations.

Cost/Price Analysis

We are well equipped to help your organization compile compliant cost and price analyses for your contract proposals.

Cost Proposal Preparation

The cost and pricing of proposals to the U.S. Government is an art, a science, and a compliance requirement. RKI can work with your pricing team to ensure your cost and pricing data meets the requirements of your proposal. Additionally, RKI can work to independently review your subcontractor’s cost or pricing submissions. Such solutions may reduce the need for U.S. Government “assist audits” and increase the efficiency for when reviews are performed.

Commercial Item Determinations

Commercial items may seem like the easy way out in U.S. Government contracting, but the bar has been raised on proving commerciality by the U.S. Government. Providing a documentation set that meets the definition of commerciality and complies with the requirements therein for receiving a commercial item determination from the Contracting Officer has become a major obstacle for contractors. RKI can assist contractors in putting forth a compelling and compliant commercial item assertion to the U.S. Government.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Due Diligence

U.S. Government contract risks with M&A are unique. Identifying these risks during the acquisition or merger with another organization are requisite activities in the due diligence process. RKI can work with the buy-side or sell-side contractor in determining which risks may affect the buy or sell decision for vested parties.

ERP Selection & Implementation

Selecting the proper ERP system can be a daunting task, and implementing your selection can be even more complicated. Fortunately, we have work with several types of government contractors, and will help you pick and implement the right ERP system to accomplish your organizational and contracting goals while prioritizing efficieny.

USG Contract Market Entry Support

RKI works with commercial companies to evaluate opportunities with the U.S. Government and ensure they have the proper business practices set-up to comply with applicable requirements. Navigating the proper balance of internal and external resources to ensure you don’t over or under invest is a service we have deep experience with.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Additional Services

This is support to ensure you properly prepare for the U.S. Government contract market that you are pursuing. U.S. Government contracts include a variety of different terms and conditions, with varying applicability. Ensuring you have the proper understanding of those requirements and plan to comply with them is paramount to success in the space.
Depending on the type of U.S. Government contract you are pursuing, the following are common “Barriers to Entry” unique to the U.S. Government contracting market:

– Business Code of Conduct
– Accounting system requirements
– Cost accounting requirements, including Cost Accounting Standards (CAS)
– Estimating system requirements
– Procurement and supply chain requirements
Many of these requirements must be complied with prior to bidding on a U.S. Government contract.
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