Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) Compliance

When applicable, compliance with Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) is one of the single hardest challenges contractors face in their accounting and compliance programs. Once a single award is CAS covered, a contractor’s universe changes. Contractors need to measure their readiness for the award of a CAS-covered contract. Additionally, those contractors who are already CAS-covered have requirements for monitoring compliance ensuring that they bid, book, and bill costs consistent with their disclosed cost accounting practices. Changes in cost accounting practices in a CAS covered environment bring with it the requirement for cost impact analyses. RKI can assist in navigating CAS including:

  • Evaluation of readiness for a CAS covered award
  • CAS applicability evaluation
  • Administration of cost accounting practice changes, including cost impact analyses
  • Evaluation of compliance with specific Cost Accounting Standards
  • Preparation/Revision of CASB Disclosure Statements
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