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File your CASB Disclosure Statement adequately and easily

CASB Disclosures just got easier with DS-Done. DS-Done will guide you through the process of filling out your Disclosure Statement by asking clear questions. Once completed, it will generate your DS-1 as a word document that can be saved on your computer for filing!

Prevent Disclosure Statement Inadequacies Before They Happen
Clear questions help improve disclosure accuracy
User-Friendly Experience Simplifies Completion
Guide to CAS 401 and 402

Reduce Audit Inquiry

Incorrect filing of your CASB Disclosure statements can lead to extensive government audit inquiry and potential negative impacts to contract award value!

Protect your organization from noncompliance by reducing disclosure inaccuracies and improving disclosure adequacy.

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What’s Included In Your $1,495 Purchase?

60-day access to DS-Done Formatting Adequacy for your CASB Disclosure Statement Filling and Download
A brief orientation call with CAS experts to ensure you are set up for success.

Your Business’s CaSB Disclosures Made Easy

DS-Done  Frequently Asked Questions

After completing the CASB DS-1, our system will prompt you to download and save your file to your company records. For submission, file a copy with the relevant Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO) or federal agency official acting in that capacity, and one copy with your auditor.

Note: Any amendments and revisions shall be submitted in the same manner.

DS-Done costs $1,495 and includes 60-day access to DS-Done Formatting Adequacy for your CASB Disclosure Statement Filling and Download, as well as an orientation call with our staff to set you up for success!

You can download your DS-1 at anytime during your 60-day subscription. It will remains available for edit and download during the entire sixty (60) days of account registration. You may renew your subscription to extend this availability for another sixty (60) days if needed.

While the adequacy of your Disclosure Statement format will be taken care of by DS Done, Disclosure Statement compliance requires technical interpretation of the regulations surrounding Cost Accounting Standards (CAS). As with any regulation applicable to interpretation, there is no way to “know” that you are compliant. However, years of working with contractors and DCAA helps provide assurance that you’re in compliance. For this reason, we offer a complimentary initial consultation upon successful registration and payment on your account to help put you in the best position to submit an adequate and compliant CASB DS-1.

If you are missing some of the information, or need help identifying where you might be able to track it down, our CASB DS Done Team is here to help. Please contact us should you have any specific questions regarding what information is needed.

In addition, we offer a complimentary initial consultation to ensure you understand what’s required to properly populate the required fields. Lastly, should you need technical interpretation and traditional consulting experience, our consulting team is available to advise on CAS interpretation and application. 

To schedule your complimentary consultation, you should receive an email from our team upon successful registration of your account [with availability over the next 30 days]. If you cannot locate this email, please contact us and we will work to schedule a session with you as soon as possible.

Get Started With DS-Done

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Here at RKI, we understand how important it is that your CASB Disclosures are accurate and adequate. We created DS-Done to ensure that you can fill out your own Disclosure Statement without worry.

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