Navigate DCAA Audits With Confidence

At RKI Accounting, we ensure your finances meet DCAA audit standards, so you can focus on winning and managing government contracts.

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DCAA Audit Success With RKI Accounting

Tailored Compliance Strategies
Continuous Support & Guidance
Maximized Business Potential

The High Stakes of DCAA Audit Findings

In the realm of government contracting, compliance is not just an option—it's a necessity. Without it, your business may face severe repercussions.

Don't let government contract compliance be an afterthought. RKI Accounting's specialized expertise ensures that your accounting practices adhere to applicable FAR, DFARS, and CAS regulations, safeguarding your company's financial health and reputation in the competitive landscape of Federal contracting.


Our Audit Compliance Services

From pre-award surveys to cost accounting standards, we cover all aspects of DCAA audit compliance to keep your business ahead.

At RKI Accounting, we know the pressure and complexity of DCAA audits. We're here to make compliance seamless and stress-free.

Your Path to Compliance

Consultation & Assessment

Understand where you stand with a comprehensive audit readiness evaluation


Customized Compliance Plan

Receive a tailored plan that addresses your unique business needs and contracts


Audit Support & Defense


Benefit from RKI's expertise during the audit process for a favorable outcome

Ready to Pass Your DCAA Audits?

Let RKI Accounting be your guide to DCAA audit compliance. Contact us now to secure your financial future in government contracting.

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