File CASB Disclosures Quickly And Easily

CASB Disclosures just got easier with DS-Done. DS-Done will guide you through the process of filing by asking clear questions. The software will generate your document so all you have to do is print and mail!

Prevent Disclosure Statement Inadequacies Before They Happen
Clear questions help Ensure accuracy
User Friendly Experience Simplifies Completion

Don’t Risk Your Contract

Incorrect filing of your CASB Disclosure statements can lead to government sanctions and even the loss of your awards and/or contracts!

Protect yourself from the loss of your contract by ensuring your disclosures are accurate and adequate from the beginning.

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What’s Included In Your Purchase?

60-day access to DS-Done Formatting Adequacy for your CASB Disclosure Statement Filling and Download
A brief orientation call with CAS experts to ensure you are set up for success.

Your Business’s CaSB Disclosures Made Easy

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Here at RKI, we understand how important it is that your CASB Disclosures are accurate and adequate. We created DS-Done to ensure that you are able to fill out your own Disclosure Statement without worry

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