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Informed Strategy

Armed with knowledge from our quiz, strategically prepare for potential audits.

Proactive Measures

Implement effective controls to mitigate risks ahead of time

Empowered Decisions

Use our insights to make informed decisions and strengthen your financial standing

Don't Let Audits Catch You Off Guard

Unexpected audit findings can disrupt your business and lead to significant setbacks. At RKI Accounting, we understand that preparedness is your best defense. Our approach provides you with:

Preventive Analysis

Identify and correct gaps in your internal controls before they are exposed by an audit.

Tailored Action Plans

Develop a custom strategy to strengthen your financial systems against scrutiny.

Continuous Support

Gain ongoing assistance to maintain audit-ready status throughout the year.
With RKI, embrace confidence in your financial reporting and control environment. Take proactive steps now to safeguard your organization's future
We understand the pressure of audit risks. RKI Accounting is dedicated to transforming that pressure into peace of mind.


Start Your ICS Journey

Consultation & Assessment

Understand where you stand with a comprehensive audit readiness evaluation


Customized Compliance Plan

Receive a tailored plan that addresses your unique business needs and DCAA requirements.


Audit Support & Defense

Benefit from RKI's expertise during the audit process for a favorable outcome.


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