Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Due Diligence

U.S. Government contract risks are unique. Identifying these risks during the acquisition or merger with another organization are requisite activities in the due diligence process. RKI can work with the buy-side or sell-side contractor in determining which risks may affect the buy or sell decision for vested parties.

In addition to identifying if there are any risks relevant to the transaction itself, we also evaluate the impact on your segmented or consolidated USG contract regulatory profile.  With every acquisition comes organizational and cost accounting changes and those have significant impacts to your USG contracts.  It’s one thing to get through the transaction and it’s another thing to ensure an acquisition’s impact on your USG contract compliance activities are understood, well cared for, and properly integrated in an efficient manner to the acquiring company. 

For assistance with USG contract due diligence in your M&A, click here

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