Outsourced Internal Audit

RKI offers outsourced internal audit services to those firms that desire supplemental coverage for their U.S. Government compliance risks or for firms who don’t have dedicated internal audit departments. RKI has worked with contractors as supplemental resources to augment their internal audit department and as a total outsourced department for monitoring U.S. Government contract compliance risks. Internal audit departments are often well staffed for financial reporting risks, however U.S. Government compliance risks may not be sufficiently mitigated. RKI offers a solution to these circumstances. 

Internal audit reports are always requested by DCAA during their audits.  While you may not be required to share all internal audit reports with DCAA, those with a nexus to their audit interests are very likely to be required requests.  For this reason, it’s critical that all internal audit reports properly consider the potential impact to U.S. Government audit interests.  Having a deep understanding of the connectivity between internal audit reports and your U.S. Government contracting portfolio is critical to preparing for DCAA audits. 

Our internal audit services include:

–  Standing up a new U.S. Government Contract internal audit function

–  Outsourced internal audit activities for areas of U.S. Government contract risks

–  Training/supplementing internal audit resources in performance of U.S. Government contract internal audit initiatives

–  Evaluation of internal audit findings for impact to U.S. Government contracts

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