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RKI works with commercial companies to evaluate opportunities with the U.S. Government and ensure they have the proper business practices set-up to comply with applicable requirements.  Not all U.S. Government contracts are created equal, and that includes its regulatory requirements.  Some contracts require extensive infrastructure to accomodate a U.S. Government award including changes to accounting software and/or changes to business process.  Others require minimal change to enter the U.S. Government contracting arena.  Navigating the proper balance of internal and external resources to ensure you don’t over or under invest is a service we have deep experience with. 

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This is support to ensure you properly prepare for the U.S. Government contract market that you are pursuing.  U.S. Government contracts include a variety of different terms and conditions, with varying applicability.  Ensuring you have the proper understanding of those requirements and plan to comply with them is paramount to success in the space.

Depending on the type of U.S. Government contract you are pursuing, the following are common “Barriers to Entry” unique to the U.S. Government contracting market:

–  Business Code of Conduct
–  Accounting system requirements
–  Cost accounting requirements, including Cost Accounting Standards (CAS)
–  Estimating system requirements
–  Procurement and supply chain requirements
Many of these requirements must be complied with prior to bidding on a U.S. Government contract. 

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